Penguin RFA

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Penguin RFA

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Manufacturer: Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB


The Penguin RFA provides an easy, accurate and affordable solution to ISQ measurement. Monitoring osseointegration of dental implants is easier than ever before. Whether you are checking the ISQ of an immediately placed implant following an extraction, or before taking definitive restoration impressions, the Penguin RFA is the accurate and reliable choice in eliminating any doubt. The Penguin uses multi use, fully autoclaveable MulTiPegs

  • Lightweight

  • Cost-Effective: MulTiPegs are reusable and fully autoclaveable

  • 2 Year Mfg. Warranty. Made in Sweden

  • Kit includes: Penguin RFA Instrument, Charger, MulTiPeg Driver, User Manual

  • IntegDental Special: 2x FREE MultiPegs - Please check availability by implant manufacturer, model, and platform