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Product Overview

Accurately detect implants covered by up to 5mm of soft tissue and 2mm of bone!

The lightweight, wireless detection device lets you locate the centers of buried implants prior to incising the healed soft tissue. This allows for a more aesthetically designed incision or utilization of a tissue punch to drastically minimize pain and healing time for the patient. Optimized incisions reduce chair time, unwanted alveolar bone loss due to exposure to air, and in turn maximize treatment efficiency for the clinician.

  • Simplifies procedures in complicated cases
  • Quicker, and more efficient than x-rays
  • Reduces complications and chair time
  • Simple, user friendly operation
  • Detachable, autoclavable (up to 10x) sensor head

Technical Information

  • 21cm long
  • 60 grams
  • LED display segments
  • Single AA battery powered

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