Duo abutment RP

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DUO Abutment RP (Regular Platform)
Packing Unit: Abutment + Screw
General Cement Retained Restorations

11° Taper Conical Connection for Precise and Stable Seating
Flattened Post Surface to Prevent Prosthesis Rotation
Tighten Screw with 1.2mm Hex Driver
Tightening Torque: 30Ncm
(Tip: To minimize screw loosening, re-tighten 10-15 minutes after initial tightening using the same torque value)

LUNA S Fixture Diameters: 4.0mm; 4.5mm; 5.0mm; 6.0mm
HIOSSEN ETIII Fixture Diameters: 4.0mm; 4.5mm; 5.0mm








Duo abutment (2 piece) RP

- Packing unit: abutment + screw

- Tightening torque: RP 30Ncm

To minimize the screw loosening, re-tighten 10-15 minutes after the initial tightening using the same degree of torque

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