Impression Coping Transfer


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Impression Coping Transfer (RP/NP)
Packing Unit: Abutment + Screw
Closed Tray Fixture Level Impression Taking

11° Taper Conical Taper + Hex Connection for Accurate Seating and Impression
Tighten Screw with 1.2mm Hex Driver
"Circular Sector" Post Cross Section for Coping Orientation
(Tip: Block out screw hex prior to impression taking to prevent vertical error during repositioning)
Long (xxmm)/ Short (xxmm) lengths available for intermaxillary clearance

Size Availability & Platform Compatibility

RP - Regular Platform (Available in 4.0mm; 5.0mm; 6.0mm)
Compatible with:
Luna S Fixture Diameters: 4.0mm; 4.5mm; 5.0mm; 6.0mm
HIOSSEN ETIII Fixture Diameter: 4.0mm; 4.5mm; 5.0mm


NP - Narrow Platform (Available in 4.0mm Only)
Compatible with:
Luna S Fixture Diameter: 3.5mm
HIOSSEN ETIII Fixture Diameter: 3.5mm