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Ora-Aid is an intraoral, non-eugenol dressing for protecting oral wounds, and represents a phenomenal innovation in oral wound management and care.

Ora-Aid is comprised of 2 layers: an oral mucosa adhesive side and a protective barrier on the other. When exposed to moisture, the adhesive side changes into a gel state to achieve adhesion to the wound area. The protective side consists of a water insoluble polymer which covers the wound to protect the applicable area from the environment in the oral cavity.

  • Proven Technology with years of use in Europe and Asia
  • Protects intraoral wounds (surgical sites) from food, bacteria, and other foreign substances
  • Protects suture threads from tongue irritation
  • Protects bone graft materials and membranes
  • Reduces pain and sensitivity
  • Prevents damage to surgical sites during initial healing period
  • Easy to cut and shape to adapt to intraoral anatomy
  • Rapid healing effect by protecting the healing growth factors in exudate
  • No working time limitation or mixing required
  • Superior esthetics to conventional dressing



Ora-Aid: Just peel off and stick over the affected site. You can improve the predictability and success rate of intraoral surgery by superior sealing and added protection.

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