OsteoGen Plug

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5 Large Plugs (10mm x 20mm)

Sterile, Individually Packaged


OsteoGen Plugs are a combination of non-ceramic bone graft with bovine Achilles tendon collagen. Since the graft crystals are embedded within the purified collagen matrix, there is no concern for the graft material to wash out after placement as is possible with particulate graft materials. This effectively eliminates the need to use a separate membrane over the desired graft site.

The physicochemical and crystallographic characteristics of OsteoGen's graft crystals mimic that of the human bone mineral, and are fully resorbed by osteoclast and osteoblast activity. The unsintered calcium apatite graft has a unique calcium to phosphorous ratio unlike other biphasic mixtures of beta-tricalcium phosphate and non resorbable ceramic hydroxyapatite available in the market.

The OsteoGen plug can be shaped by rolling and/or cutting to best fit the socket shape to be preserved. It is recommended to place the plug dry into the thoroughly debrided defective site and allow it to soak completely by the site's blood supply.

Simply keep the plug in place with cross linked sutures. This OsteoGen plug may be left exposed because the collagen component promotes keratinized tissue coverage while the graft component promotes new bone formation.

The OsteoGen plug is malleable, yet firm enough to provide sufficient scaffolding for new bone formation and controls migration of connective tissues.

*Kindly note that orders in multiples of 2 boxes may ship as 10pc "double box" to reduce bulk and packaging.


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