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RAYSCAN "S" 20x20

Fall 2019 BRAND NEW!! The latest addition to the Alpha series with the BIGGEST FOV yet! The Alpha Studio 20x20 builds on the the success of the popular Alpha platform with a larger, upgraded CMOS sensor to bring more to focus than ever before. FREE FOV ranging from 4 x 3 to 20 x 20, industry first light guide & remote control, super fast scan/reconstruction times. TMJ and airway analysis capable and with IntegDental's FREE delivery & Free installation service.

Real-time IoT Service

"RAYGUARD" the Ray IoT service has your back! Remote support service provides real-time health check and preventive alerts, remote upgrades for the latest software and firmware so your Alpha Plus always performs at its optimum level.


  • Preset FOVs
    • 4 x 3
    • 5 x 5
    • 10 x 8
    • 16 x 10
    • 20 x 20
  • CUSTOM FOV between 4 x 3 and 20 x 20

Automatic MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)

10 Year Mfg. Warranty

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